Job Seekers

Job Seekers

Why should you use our services?

Advent Associates has been helping physicians and mid level practitioners find outstanding positions across the US for over 20 years. That history is built upon developing trust with each and every job seeker. The first thing we do is listen to you to try and understand what is important to you in your job search. Based upon your criteria we identity the best opportunities and proceed to find additional information about each of these positions to help you prioritize which position may be the best fit for you.

After you have selected which practices are most appealing, we receive permission from you to present your CV to the practice. We then work with you to facilitate the initial communication with the practice to insure you get a good overview of the opportunity. If both parties are interested we then work to help set up an interview and follow up with you afterward to determine the appropriate next steps. We continue to work alongside of you to help you evaluate any employment contracts you may receive and assist you in any details that may need to be negotiated. After you have signed an employment agreement we continue to stay in touch with you to assist you with any details as you transition into your new practice.




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