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We provide recruitment services to healthcare providers in all medical specialities across the US. We work with hospitals, single specialty groups, multi-specialty groups, solo practitioners, and large health care networks. We take time to thoroughly understand your staffing needs, market your openings to potential candidates, screen interested candidates, introduce them to you, assist in setting interviews, debrief candidates, debrief candidates after interviews, and if requested help in the final contract negotiations. In addition we help those that are looking to sell their practice find qualified buyers.


ID Description
4871 Private practice, Naples, FL; 3 person group, most senior MD is retiring Dec 2004. Amicable group, amicable medical community. Virtual full partnership from the beginning, high income, (hard work of course) NO Managed Care, wonderful place to work and live and practice. Prefer someone with practice experience, though exceptional recent fellow welcome also. Must be able to do both Med Onc and Heme. Med. Onc. boards generally required by local hospital, some exceptions for recent graduates. We are looking for the right person to bring to our community; someone who is capable, a passion for med.onc./heme, good interpersonal skills, energy, and a desire to be in private practice. I don\'t think there is a better private practice job. I have been here about 12 years.
7822CAlifornia, CENTRAL VALLEY! A premier medical group affiliated with large healthcare foundation is offering an exciting opportunity for a Neurologist who is interested in building a Neurology service within the group! This is also a certified primary stroke center. EEG required training is required, EMG desired but not necessary. There is no mandatory hospital call! There is a salary guarantee period and excellent earning potential based on productivity model. This is located in a lovely and growing city of 82,000 with a new 190-bed hospital and a University of CA campus, both of which have attracted a large number of physicians to the community. This area is in close proximity to all the amenities of large metropolitan areas and the low cost, low stress environment of a family oriented Central CA community. A short two hours drive will get you to San Francisco; the quaint coastal towns of Monterey and Carmel; and Sacramento, the state capital. Also a short drive to Yosemite with all its grandeur and recreational options.