Advent Associates, Inc.

Matching healthcare providers with high quality candidates


We provide recruitment services to healthcare providers in all medical specialities across the US. We work with hospitals, single specialty groups, multi-specialty groups, solo practitioners, and large health care networks. We take time to thoroughly understand your staffing needs, market your openings to potential candidates, screen interested candidates, introduce them to you, assist in setting interviews, debrief candidates after interviews, and if requested help in the final contract negotiations. In addition we help those that are looking to sell their practice find qualified buyers.

Why should you use our services

Here are 6 reasons:

1. We can provide high quality candidates that are not necessarily looking to find a new position. Since 1994 we have established a great number of contacts with candidates that have told us if a particular opportunity became available to make sure and give them a call because they would be interested in pursuing it.

2. The lost opportunity cost and lost market share that you incur while your position remains vacant. If you consider the amount of revenue you lose each month your position remains vacant, as well as the potential lost market share to your competition, you soon realize that using our services is a wise investment to secure the continued profitability of your practice.

3. We offer customized services based upon your particular needs. You can either choose a contingency search to minimize any financial risk or you can choose a retained search to help reduce your costs.

4. Reduced stress for you and your staff. If you do not have enough physicians to meet the patient demand, this causes your existing staff to work overtime causing stress not only at work but also at home.

5. Take the burden off of your staff to try and do this time consuming task on their own. Most practices do not have the staff with the time or the training to be able to spend the time and energy to do the necessary marketing, screening, and additional administrative work necessary to hire a candidate. They also do not have a sufficient database of potential candidates.

6. Our recruiters have extensive recruitment experience and can help guide you through the hiring process. This experience helps you avoid many of the common mistakes that can occur when inexperienced staff try and take on this time consuming task.